New Website for Queens Hood Cleaning

One of our newest clients, Queens Hood Cleaning, came to us with a common request a couple weeks ago – build a website that actually works for us. You see, the problem with most websites is that they’re built to be pretty, not to be functional. We aim to provide clients with websites that not only look nice, but also do their job – get you more leads.

We embarked on the journey about an hour after our initial phone conversation. The owner stated that he didn’t care how much the website would cost, as long as it was designed well and could be ranked at the top of the search engine for hood cleaning services. That was music to our ears, so we built the perfect lead generation site for his business. The Queens Hood Cleaning Pros website is a work of art. It has all the crucial information customers need to know, it has plenty of keywords for Google to pick up, and it’s got forms on every page to ensure we maximize the amounts of leads we capture. You can check out the new website design by clicking here. It’s a work of art that only charged a couple thousand dollars for. And at only 2 months in, we’re getting 30 phone calls a month. So, 60 days took the company from zero calls online to about 1 a day. The best part is that this is just the beginning. With a great web design in place, SEO becomes an easier process that just takes some time. As we continue to work on the site, more and more customers will find it by searching on desktops and mobile devices. Eventually, with the size of the population in NYC, the Queens Hood Cleaning Pros website will pull in 4-5 calls a day; that’s 4 months down the road though.

Building a great website and getting some quality SEO isn’t easy unless you find the right company to do it for you. We are that web design company, and we hope you’ll reach out when you decide that you want to boost your revenue faster.