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Marketing for a Jet Charter Company

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Marketing services are highly variable based on what a company needs, where they’re located, the clientele they’re trying to attract, and a host of other factors. LUX Private Jet Charter is an interesting case study that required some creative marketing. LUX offers private jet rentals across the globe, ensuring business professionals, leaders, and other prominent passengers get from one destination to another quickly and safely. Clients visit to book a flight time through the website, then drive to the closest airport for their trip. LUX contacted us a few weeks ago about a campaign they were running that targeted flights leaving from Charlotte, NC and traveling to other cities in the United States. For some reason marketing jet charters was a challenge just in that area, so we stepped in to provide some advice. As it turns out, search volume is low in that area, so we recommended taking out a billboard on Queens Road, close to Atrium Health Mercy and Novant Health Hemby Children’s Hospital. The billboard caused call volume to double over the next month, leading to a surplus in bookings. As you can see, it’s very important to look at every possible advertising channel to find the one that fits given the situation.


Marketing Advice for Nashville Concrete Companies

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Nashville, Tennessee has a population of 692,000+ people and the average age of Nashville residents is 34 years old. That means two things for the concrete industry. First, there are going to be a lot of concrete companies you’re competing against. Second, the residential home owners and property owners who would hire contractors to do concrete installations and repairs are young, so they’ll definitely be checking for a good social presence, high reviews, and much more. No longer can a concrete specialist exist without advertising and marketing. Any company that provides concrete services in Nashville, TN needs to build a website, get themselves into local directories, and pay for internet marketing to increase their online presence. The Yellow Pages are dead and so is Yelp. These local businesses need to step up their game if they want to survive and thrive in 2020 and beyond. If you provide residential or commercial concrete solutions in the Nashville area and you’d like help with improving your revenue and boosting sales, contact our team of consultants today for a free estimate.

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New Website for Queens Hood Cleaning

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One of our newest clients, Queens Hood Cleaning, came to us with a common request a couple weeks ago – build a website that actually works for us. You see, the problem with most websites is that they’re built to be pretty, not to be functional. We aim to provide clients with websites that not only look nice, but also do their job – get you more leads.

We embarked on the journey about an hour after our initial phone conversation. The owner stated that he didn’t care how much the website would cost, as long as it was designed well and could be ranked at the top of the search engine for hood cleaning services. That was music to our ears, so we built the perfect lead generation site for his business. The Queens Hood Cleaning Pros website is a work of art. It has all the crucial information customers need to know, it has plenty of keywords for Google to pick up, and it’s got forms on every page to ensure we maximize the amounts of leads we capture. You can check out the new website design by clicking here. It’s a work of art that only charged a couple thousand dollars for. And at only 2 months in, we’re getting 30 phone calls a month. So, 60 days took the company from zero calls online to about 1 a day. The best part is that this is just the beginning. With a great web design in place, SEO becomes an easier process that just takes some time. As we continue to work on the site, more and more customers will find it by searching on desktops and mobile devices. Eventually, with the size of the population in NYC, the Queens Hood Cleaning Pros website will pull in 4-5 calls a day; that’s 4 months down the road though.

Building a great website and getting some quality SEO isn’t easy unless you find the right company to do it for you. We are that web design company, and we hope you’ll reach out when you decide that you want to boost your revenue faster.

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Create Any Website You Want Easily

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Your website is the face of your business. It’s your brand; it’s what people see. Just like a brick and mortar store, you want people to be impressed and get an idea of who you are. The only way to do that is to portray everything correctly on your website and then rank it so it shows up.


One of the first elements you want to get right before you even begin to design and create a website is the domain name because each name has pros and cons.

If you choose an exact match domain that follows a keyword, it can sound funny, it looks a bit spammy, and it can potentially limit the number of people that actually visit your site. For example, if you named your website, people think that’s what you do. If you also offer a skylight service, they might be a bit confused from looking at your domain name.

The other option is choosing a brand name. That means the name of your company. Consider Nike or Apple. Everyone knows those brands, but when they first built the website, no one knew what it was. It makes it harder initially because it’s an unknown word and company that no one knows. However, no one would every assume you didn’t provide a certain service based on the domain name.

The website design should take into account what text of domain name you pick. Here’s an example for a website development company:

website development company

After choosing the right domain, it’s important to consider the website layout. Where will the menu be? Will it be at the top like most people have it or on the side? Will it have a video or an image background? These different creative aspects will influence how we build your website.

Choosing a side menu is something bloggers and artists usually do because it’s creative and different, standing apart from the crowd online. The standard above menu if what most businesses choose, to blend in.

block style website design

The block style website design show above is another option. This one is often used by party planners and photographers to show off the various images they post. The more creative the idea, the more you stand apart from the rest of the business owners with standard looks. We can do any kind of website design you like, whether it’s a generic look or a completely custom creation.

Colors is a major aspect of the website to consider as well. Colors like black and white signify modern and clean. The color red displays power; think Tiger Woods on Sunday. Light blues and grays are calming colors that remind people of serenity or the ocean. Colors like purple are for excitement and craziness. If you’re an event coordinator for music festivals, purple is your color. People picture parties and raves with this deep magenta.

rave party planning website
Websites use colors like purple to stand out and call attention to their excitement.

Do you want a custom coded website or a theme?

Custom coded websites are just that – built from scratch by web developers who can write their own code. The sky’s the limit in this instance because you can build anything you want and have any kind of functionality you can dream of. This allows you to create website elements that no one else has, like customized countdown clocks, interactive features, and more.

The problem with custom website development is that with the wrong person doing it, you’re stuck when you want changes. If you want to add a new page, you can’t do it on your own; you need a developer to help you. If something were to happen to whoever created the site, someone else has to figure out the code to be able to continue it.

custom website builders

A theme on the other hand is much more simple. The majority of the kinks have been worked out and there usually aren’t many problems. But, the downside is flexibility. You no longer can add anything you want. New features require upgrades or plug-ins and sometimes, you are stuck with a template that can’t do exactly what you want it to do.

Our solution to this problem is to create themes that have thousands of customization options, allowing you to get the best of both worlds. You can add tons of features you’ve never seen before, while maintaining the reliability of a site that’s been around forever.

New business website for startups

If your start-up needs a website, we can build that too. You want something simple that showcases who you are. Whether it’s a prospective employee, customer, or investor, you want them to see a clean, well-thought out site that tells your story and where you’re going. Being in a large city since our inception, we’ve worked on countless start-up websites and we love working with their creative founders and staff. It’s invigorating to hear what their companies do and what they’re working on building and creating.

We’ve also built websites for technology companies. Unfortunately, due to an NDA with the company I’m going to briefly describe, we’re unable to share who’s site we built. However, they’re one of the top 20 fortune 500 companies in the world with more than 100,000 employees. They needed a robust site that had thousands of features and a completely custom back-end. Employees needed to be able to login and complete HR related tasks.

Whatever you want we can build. Give us a call or fill out the form on our contact page to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs.


Web Advertising and Search Engine Optimization Packages

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Our advertising service is quite special. We not only advertising your web page, but we modify and ENHANCE it. What this means is simply, we can get your site to the tops of the search engines. If you’re just interested in getting your site listed, check out our packages (1, 2 and 3) but if you’re interested in getting your site to the tops of many search engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN, Altavista and more for your specific keywords or phrases, check out packages (4, 5, and 6)

Package 1: We will advertise your main page to over 1600 engines and indexes, only one time. This is a basic advertising package that most design or hosting companies offer.

PRICE: $25.99 USD

Package 2: We will not only advertise your main page to over 1600 engines and indexes, but we do these 6 times over a 6-month span. This is a full 6-month package and will get many of your pages listed.

PRICE: $89.99 USD

Package 3: We will not only advertise your main page to over 1600 engines and indexes, but we do these 12 times over a full year period. This is a full year package and will get many of your pages listed.

PRICE: $149.99 USD

Package 4: This is the first ENHANCEMENT package. We do this over a 2-month span. We will first take your page and modify it with our special techniques and optimize it with your keywords to score it higher. We then submit this page to over 1600 engines. We come back after 1 month and then review your listing. If your site is not number 1, we modify and resubmit to bring it higher. Over time these enhancement packages really do work.


Package 5: This is the second ENHANCEMENT package. We do this over a 6-month span. We will first take your page and modify it with our special techniques and optimize it with your keywords to score it higher. We then submit this page to over 1600 engines. We come back after 1 month and then review your listing. If your site is not number 1, we modify and resubmit to bring it higher. We do this to 6 pages, over a 6-month span. This is one of our best packages.

PRICE: $149.99 USD

Package 6: This is the last and most extensive ENHANCEMENT package. This is one full year of advertising and is well worth every penny. We will first take your page and modify it with our special techniques and optimize it with your keywords to score it higher. We then submit this page to over 1600 engines. We come back after 1 month and then review your listing. If your site is not number 1, we modify and resubmit to bring it higher. We do this to 12 pages, over a 12-month span. This is the most extensive full year advertising package.

PRICE: $199.99 USD

This is the ultimate web advertising and search engine optimization (SEO). Why order web advertising that gives no results? This type of web advertising really does work because of the enhancement and search engine optimization (SEO), that makes the search engines love your web site.

Example of package #6:

Our best packages are the ones that include search engine optimization. We will go inside your site, enhance it for high search engine placement and then submit your site.

Our 1 full year of advertising is our best package (package #6)

What we do is simply this. We first enhance your page for your specific keywords. We then submit that page to 1600 engines. We go back in 1 month and look on the most important search engines like google, yahoo, MSN and Altavista.

We find where your site places when we type in your keyword. If you do not place in the TOP 5, we then remodify the page, trying to score it higher. We do this every month to as many pages as we can to score them as high as possible. Over time this really does work.

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Making a Business Plan for your Construction Business

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There is no better time for starting your construction business than right now. The construction business industry is starting to revitalize again and boom once more in the recent years, thanks to the increasing demand in housing and in commercial business office space. Construction businesses are also among the top fastest-growing small businesses in the past decade – even the more reason to make that move into the construction industry.

Before starting your construction business, it is important to first come up with a solid and comprehensive business plan. By creating a business plan, you get to figure out ahead of time the many aspects that you will need to consider about. By also creating a business plan, you will be able to understand your construction business even more and everything that it entails and shall require of you. If you are also securing financial support from investors or a business loan from a bank, a business plan will also back up your idea of a construction business. 

Here is the basic structure of a business plan fit for a construction business plus some tips:

Executive Summary

In this section, you should provide a brief overview of your construction business. You should include a summary of the following:

  • Your company’s vision and mission or your goals and action plans. Also, provide background information about your previous construction experience or your educational background. Keep it professional and credible.
  • The products and/or services that your construction business will specialize in and what kind of customers you will cater to.
  • You should also be able to convince investors of the potential success of your construction business using market data – your strengths, your edge from the competitors, and your marketing strategies.

Company Summary

Discuss important details about your construction business such as your company name, entity, contact information, and location of base operations. Also provide a summary of the financial and other essential requirements that your construction business will need to fulfill before operating.

Products and Services

You enumerate and describe all of the products and/or services that your construction business will be offering. Writing this section is also the perfect opportunity to think about which sector your construction business will specialize in. There are three main sectors in the construction industry: a) residential and non-residential building and renovation, b) infrastructure or large-scale public works like highways, bridges, etc., and c) industrial plants and manufacturing facilities. Or you may list products and/or services that are more specific such as general plumbing services, home remodeling, etc. Make your products and/or services varied to maintain consistent work for the whole year.

Occupational Safety and Health

One of the responsibilities of having a construction business is ensuring the safety and health of your people as well as that of the surrounding communities in your construction sites. Discuss possible safety issues and health hazards and address them all by complying with relevant laws and regulations.

Market Analysis Summary

Conduct a market analysis research to fully assess the construction industry in your locality or in the national scale. State the current market conditions and how will it be promising for your construction business. Translate these into statistics, accurate data, and financial numbers to be make it more compelling.

Target Market

Provide clear information of the market that you will be targeting with your products and/or services. You may also consider having a niche for your construction business. You should be able to explain why you choose this particular target market – do you believe this is an untapped market? Do you believe your construction business will be able to stand out and succeed with this target market?

Marketing Strategy Plan

In this section of your business plan, provide a summary of how will you market your construction business to your potential customers. Outline your core marketing strategies in acquiring and retaining your potential customers.

Sales Forecast

Based on your market data, make an estimate of your sales for the first 12 to 24 months of your operation as a construction business.

Management Summary

You should be able to identify your core management team as well as your management principles that you will use as a guide. List down all the decision-making positions for your construction business and include a brief summary of their main duties and responsibilities.

Personnel Plan

In this section, list down the remaining personnel that you will be needing in the operation of your construction business and the corresponding number of personnel, how much will it cost you for at least 12 to 24 months of operation, subcontracted labor, and other employee-related expenses.

Financial Plan

Now, it is time to crunch some numbers. The financial plan and analysis must be as detailed as possible. This section of your business plan should include the following:

  • Projected Cash Flow (for at least 1-2 years of operation)
  • Break-Even Point Analysis
  • Projected Profit and Loss
  • Projected Balance Sheet (showing assets, liabilities, and capital, to indicate projected net worth)


In the last part of your business plan, include all the tables you have shown earlier like your sales forecasts, personnel numbers, cash flows, and such. Also include documents that supports or details some information you have earlier provided like your market analysis data and so on.